Exercise Routine Becomes Useless When Sitting Too Long

Exercise Routine Becomes Useless When Sitting Too Long

Sitting too long, will become a new kind of 'disease' for modern society. Ironically, research calls regular exercise can not reduce the health of this habit.

Analysis results say, more than 40 studies related to the impact of sitting too long found important facts. The longer you sit, whether it's on the desk, the sofa or the car, the higher the risk a person has for cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 of diabetes until early death.

But there are studies that call regular exercise can reduce this risk. It's just that researchers make sure the risks will not disappear completely with regular exercise.

If possible, the duration of exercise required to reduce this risk is at least 60 minutes a day. For example with moderate intensity exercise, such as brisk walking, tennis or dance.

However, other studies say moderate intensity exercise for an hour a day does not have any impact on the risk of disease caused by sitting too long.

It should be understood that sitting too long is thought to decrease muscle activity, especially in the legs and back. Decrease in muscle activity will reduce the body's ability to regulate blood sugar and eliminate fat in the blood. More dangerous is if it accumulates or accumulates.

On the other hand, sitting too long also increases the desire to eat, thus triggering a person to overeat and gain weight.

As quoted from CNN, there are several steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of sitting too long, including:

  • While at work, you can do this by standing for a few minutes every half hour, for example to call, make coffee or meeting.
  • If possible, use a table that allows you to stand or sit.
  • When driving by car, try to park your car to rest and try to walk a leisurely walk around a car.
  • If you use public transportation such as bus or train, choose standing rather than sitting.
  • While at home, stand often while watching TV or on the move with a computer. Can also do daily routine while standing.

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